Modern oil analysis laboratory is equipped with state of the art Spectro Scientific equipment, in combination with lab technician trained with experienced team at Mecoil Italy and access to one of the world largest oil sample data bases every oil sample will talk its story about machinery.


Regular oil sampling can provide insights in components ware and tare preventing major failure, reducing maintenance costs and prolonging equipment lifespan.

What do we do

In-service oil analysis can provide information about machine wear condition, lubricant contamination as well as lubricant condition.


The same type of engines under the same conditions may generate wear particles of different rates.


Our interpreters have access to a large database of samples for comparison with the sample from your engine.

How do we do it

Capax Oil Laboratory uses Spectro Scientific instruments and database.


Spectro Scientific was founded in 1983 as Spectro Inc. and is one of the largest worldwide suppliers of oil, fuel, and fluid analysis instruments for industry, military and laboratories.


Spectro Scientific is a leader in the field of condition-based maintenance and oil-inwater analysis.

All-in-one kit

We can provide all of this to you in one sampling kit that consists of:


  • a shrink-wrapped bottle under vacuum
  • a plastic sampling straw
  • labels for samples


With our all-in-one kit, samples can be taken and shipped quickly, cleanly, and easily.


It normally takes about three working days for the diagnosis report to be sent back from the lab, although the results can also be expedited. Custom made kits are available depending of sample quantity.

All analysis in our laboratory are performed according to quality and environmental management systems.


Our company has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system  approved by LRQA



Analysis report

The analysis report is a pretty straight forward document, clearly pointing out all possible problems.


Most importantly, because of our access to the one of the largest oil analysis databases, in combination with our experienced service engineers who interprets the results, we can pinpoint the source of a problem or indicate a future potential problem.

Regular sampling

Our interpreters have access to a large database of samples for comparison with sample from your engine.


However, your own engine may provide the best guidelines for appropriate levels of wear metals. That’s way trending is an essential part of Wear Rate Analysis. After three samples have been taken from your engine, a trend for each wear metal is established.


Our interpreters then compare subsequent samples to this trend line to quickly spot deviations as well as monitor gradual changes in concentration levels.