The company CAPAX d.o.o. declares its insistence on fairness and the personal integrity of all employees in all aspects of the business. Any offer, promise, giving, receiving or seeking the independent benefit of any value of financial or non-financial, directly or indirectly, as an incentive, reward or refrain from acting concerning the performance of the obligations of that person shall be prohibited.

Given our position, business objectives and all interested parties, we have established, maintained and permanently improved our orientation towards combating bribery, demanding compliance with all applicable laws and legal requirements.

Anti-extortion policy is a framework for the rules in the Code of conduct for business, for anti-extortion measures, and for the setting, review, and achievement of anti-extortion objectives in such a way as to enable the achievement of the set goals and policies.

We have established a system for internal reporting of irregularities and expressing suspicion of bribery, fully respecting the Law on the Protection of Reporters of Irregularities. We support any suspicion expressed in good faith or based on legitimate belief and guarantee the protection of the applicant's identity, judicial protection, emotional support, legal aid, primary free legal aid, and protection against any punishment or retaliation.

Concerning its responsibilities and powers, the management of CAPAX d.o.o. appointed an Independent commission to suppress extortion, advise and direct all employees, and supervise the implementation of the anti-extortion management system. We show high ethical leadership that includes all employees and business associates.

Any deviation from Anti-extortion policies has consequences under the applicable legislation and the society's Code of business conduct.

CAPAX d.o.o. regularly assesses the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of combating bribery. That ensures compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements through continuous improvements. The company's management is intensively and studiously working on organizational conditions for fulfilling high requirements and standards in the realization of its business.


Teo Petričević
Željko Tešija


Šibenik, August, 1st 2022.